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Jun 2, 2022

Dr. Douglas L. Beck is a well-known figure in audiology and the Vice President of Clinical Sciences for Cognivue, a company that manufactures digitally-based cognitive screening tools. Dr. Beck is a prolific author on the subject, having 185 different publications to date through Oticon, where he worked as Vice President of Academic Sciences from 2005-2022. He also serves as an Adjunct Professor at State University of New York at Buffalo and the Senior Editor of Clinical Research at Hearing Review.

In this episode…

When the topic of hearing loss comes up, people often think of damage to the ear. After all, with hearing aids being the primary solution, it can be easy to assume that’s all that matters. But proper hearing is far more complicated – it’s a blend of multiple senses and cognitive functions. Listening isn’t just hearing, it’s also truly understanding.

As the Vice President of Clinical Services at Cognivue, Dr. Douglas L. Beck has been diving into this concept more and more. Recently, there has been a search of research on the correlation between cognition and listening, learning what it actually means to hear the world around us. He has discovered a great deal in his role, and now shares his insights with us.

In this episode of the ListenUp! Podcast, Dr. Douglas L. Beck of Cognivue returns to talk with Dr. Mark Syms about understanding and listening. They touch on important topics such as teaching the brain to hear different signals, various types of hearing screenings, and the overlap between Alzheimer's and heart disease. Finally, they talk on current technology and limitations in the cognitive field today.